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So, what is this?

This is a little tool I made for one of my classes, and promised the person who made me do it, to release it as Open Source. Since it's about the only one of my graded programs that I'm not ashamed of, I kept my promise.
It is program that generates database editing tools. Its first versions used to generate PHP scripts, that could only be used through a web server. Now I'm working on GTK a version with advanced options like reporting, postscript printing etc.
The tool was meant to be flexible and customizable, so it makes use of the benefits of XML/XSL technology.

I don't understand this

Then this is not for you. It is intended for developers who write database applications.

Where is it?

It is available on SOURCEFORGE.


I am aware of the fact, that even the best of software is pretty useless without good documentation. So, when this one evolves into something that people might consider using, I might consider writing one :). If, however, for some reason you want to use it now, mail me.

Version 0.1.0 released!

It may be downloaded here.

Ho ho ho, 0.1.1 is here!

The big change is the ability to generate GTK interfaces. The www part is broken in this release :(. get it.